The strongest place in any organization should be the junction between two teams.
— Dan Diamond, MD

People used to talk about “resilience”. Now, more than ever, the most competitive healthcare organizations focus on “performance”. In the world of disaster medicine, we don’t have time for fluff and we suspect that you don’t either. The passion that drives us is an intense desire to equip people to become heroes in their organizations. At our very core, we believe that people perform best when they believe they have the power to make a difference and a conviction to put other people first.

Taking the time to listen to you and understand your situation allows us to adapt our concepts to meet your specific needs and deliver the greatest impact. Organizations from around the globe have found our trench-tested tools helpful as they equip their folks to maximize their performance under pressure.


Dr. Dan Speaks at TEDx Rainier

In this engaging talk that traces his experiences as a first responder to hurricanes and other disasters, Dan Diamond uncovers that some survivors have important gifts to give to the rest of us. Dr. Diamond always has a bag packed in case of emergencies.

Dr. Dan In Action

Dan Diamond, MD shares his passion to equip people to perform under pressure.