Watch Out! This Could Cause an Epidemic!


Even as a physician well versed in infectious disease, I still am amazed how some things can be so contagious. I recently observed a group of employees that was working well together and having an overall great work experience. Then a strange thing happened. An employee showed up that had just returned from vacation and is known for seeing the negative in everything (I know, go figure, she just got back from vacation and yet she was still negative). When she walked in, the whole mood shifted dramatically. Everyone stopped what they were doing to gather around her to hear her complain. The smiles disappeared, the productivity came to a screeching halt and moral plummeted. We've all seen it and experienced it; many of us have caused it. Fortunately, I was far enough away that I didn't become infected. Even after she left, the sour mood persisted for an hour or so. She didn't even have a clue what she had done. The impact was tremendous and it only took a few minutes to accomplish it. What do I bring when I walk in the room? How to I impact people? Negativity is certainly not the only thing that is contagious. I can absolutely prove that one to you. All you have to do is listen to this clip from my buddy Dan Johnson. I met him when I was a student at Washington State University. He had a nickname: "Smiling Dan". What you are about to hear is going to change you even though there are no words, you can't see his face and you don't even know the reason why he is laughing. This, by the way, is his real laugh. Share it with your friends; it will make them smile.   Click the "read me"; it will make you smile. You won't be able to stop yourself.


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What do you bring into the room?

We are all contagious. How are people changed by you when they encounter you?

What can you do to protect yourself from negative infections? (Which will also prevent you from passing negativity on to others!)

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