This Lump of Coal is Under Pressure


Wow, what an intense 24 hours! Yesterday I received the call from Medical Teams International that they were deploying our First-In Team to the Philippines today. It is an all-out thrash to unplug from life to deploy within 24 hours. It truly takes a massive team effort. The folks at Harrison Urgent Care (Meg, Aimmee, Dr Eppel, Dr Singh, and Dr Liebling) rallied to cover my shifts. Meetings were cancelled and schedules rearranged as I hit the eject button on my life.

Then my wife, Debbie, got sick and ended up in the hospital. The folks at Medical Teams International were awesome and allowed me to go into a holding pattern while we try to figure out how to get Deb well. Friends and family have really come through with tremendous support. Our friend Leah has blessed us beyond comprehension.

I'm sure you've experienced pressure before. I know that I'm not the only one. It is situations like this that bring me back to a couple of my core values:

  1. I have the ability to choose how I'm going to respond and nothing can ever take that away.

  2. It's not about me.