Fear Destroys Resilience and Significance


Seth Godin recently posted a 45 minute master class session on his blog that is well worth the 45 minute investment! He discusses the barriers that keep us from taking risks and being successful. He is primarily talking about "business" but many of the concepts that he presents apply equally as well to overcoming the difficulties that you are facing in your personal life. If you want to leave a legacy despite the challenges that you are facing, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, click "read more" and listen to this: 

After listening...

1. Do you agree that fear is holding you back?

2. Please share an example of how you overcame the fear that was keeping you from making an impact. How were you able to get past the fear?

3. Were there other people that helped you? If so, how did you decide who to have on "your team"? (There may be some people that actually would reinforce your fears!)

I wholeheartedly agree with Seth that people are either running toward something or running away. Which way are you headed?