Go with the Flow - The World of Disaster Response


Disaster work is always a lesson in patience. Our first vehicle broke down and we were on the side of the road with local guys climbing underneath it trying to get it running while little kids scampered around giggling at us. We ended up transferring our bags to a small pickup truck and Linda Markee and I crammed into the front seat for a long trip over dirt mogles. Eventually we teamed up with Pastor Delamy. He is friends with Dr. Joe and Linda Markee. He had two Toyota Land Cruisers and a large truck for our supplies. We are spending the night in Dr. Joe's clinic with the plan to be on the road by 6:00 or 6:30 AM. We are hoping to meet up with a pastor from Port au Prince that has a church just a few miles from the airport. We may be able to set up our clinic there and start treating the injured. We are very eager to get to work.

We received the very sad news today that they found Molly Hightower's body in the rubble of the orphanage she was serving. So much tragic loss! Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.

Our trip tomorrow will be about 5 hours or so. I think I'm already about 4 inches shorter from the roads. Wow!

Thanks for supporting our efforts! We can't do any of this without a very supportive team and we are grateful.

Off to bed. I'm really looking forward to more than 3 hours of sleep.

I don't know if we will have any access to the Internet tomorrow. Stay tuned.