Leaving for the Philippines in a few hours.


In a few hours, I will be leaving for the Philippines. When I deploy to disasters, many people thank me for my efforts. However, I am compelled to share with you that it all begins with having a supportive spouse. My wife, Debbie, is simply amazing. How many spouses would say, "Sure, you can put yourself at risk, miss Thanks Giving and our 31st Anniversary. If you feel God it calling you, you need to go to the Philippines". Seriously now, how many people would say that??? Well, meet Debbie Diamond. Actually, most people that know her call her DebbieDiamond (all one word). She consistently puts the needs of other before her own. I do mean consistently. The folks at Harrison Urgent Care will back me on this one. Even when Deb isn't feeling well, she still manages to bake fantastic delights for them. Not only that but we already have our Christmas Tree up and it is only November 17th. While you folks weren't looking the snowmen have invaded (there are over 100 of them on the window ledge and they talk to each other and move around when everyone is sleeping). The stockings are hung by the fireplace with care. No kidding! It isn't even Thanks Giving and we have begun celebrating Christmas. It makes me smile. I am indeed a blessed man. I am so grateful for her! Please pray for our team while we are gone but I would appreciate it if you would remember to also thank Him for giving me such a special wife. Together, we can accomplish great things for Him.