Haiti: Deploying with Medical Teams International


Today has been a wild day of packing, planning, interviews and seeing patients. I received a call from Medical Teams International and they asked me to join their team that is leaving Thursday morning. I will be helping with medical duties as well as helping them with the needs assessment as they begin to put together  the longer term plan for the upcoming weeks and months. I am exceedingly grateful for my office staff (Stef, Dana, Cindy, Chelsea, and Darlene). They worked very hard today to reschedule patients and clear my schedule. Thanks to Dr. Ingela Thomsen for taking my call and covering for me when I'm gone. Thanks to Dr. Haydu and the rest of the team at Promptcare for adjusting things so I could leave. Going on a trip like this is similar to being an astronaut on the space shuttle. As the rocket is beginning to rumble and lift off of the launchpad they must be aware of the fact that they are the fortunate folks that have the honor of the ride. They know full well that they didn't build the rocket. It takes an army of people to make a relief effort like this even possible. Thank you to the folks at Medical Teams International for their never ending commitment to being there when they are needed. I am blessed by your work and pray that we will be a blessing to the people of Haiti.

Please keep our teams in your prayers. I'm hoping to update this blog along the way if we are able to connect to the outside world.

Please consider being part of the team and supporting us with your prayers and, if you are able, with your finances as well. You can donate to Medical Teams International by clicking HERE.


Dr. Dan