To Perform Under Pressure, Lean In

Seahawks VS St. Louis Rams last game punt return! Ricardo Lockette WR from Seattle Seahawks ALL 6'2" 230 lbs of him coming through like a freight train!

Consider Marshawn Lynch’s 67 yard touchdown run. One of the factors that makes Marshawn unstoppable is that he leans in. He keeps his eye on the goal (literally) and never looks back. Spinning, leaping and pressing on, he has such an intense forward momentum, when he encounters roadblocks they fall away like blades of tall grass. So which way do you lean? Seriously, stop and think about it. I don’t care too much if you lean to the left or the right (although the politicians certainly do). What matters is if you’re laid back or if you lean in. It has everything to do with momentum. There are times when I’m tired and don’t think that I have anymore to give. At times life seems tough and the obstacles insurmountable. If I sit back and wait, fairly good chance life will run me over just like Ricardo Lockette ran right over Justin Veltung.

Sitting back and waiting can be dangerous. How would life be different if you leaned in? What could happen? You might get some projects completed. Perhaps relationships could be rebuilt. You might even discover some new opportunities.

Go for it! Lean in!

And... go SEAHAWKS!