Would You Take a Risk Like This?

Brig. Gen Steve Ritchie tells the amazing story of the rescue of downed pilot Roger Locher in Vietnam in 1972. In that same year Ritchie volunteered for his second tour in Southeast Asia and was assigned to the 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at Udorn, Thailand.

As I listen to Brig. Gen Steve Ritchie recall the rescue of Roger Locher, I am again reminded of the power of a group of people that are willing to lay down their lives for a single man. Every day each of us faces two defining questions:  

  1. I'm I powerless or do I have the power to make a difference?

  2. Am I going to be a taker or a giver?

These are perhaps two of the simplest but most important questions that we can ask. How you answer these questions will determine if you are going to be a victim, a manipulator, a bystander or a thriver. Leave a legacy: be a powerful giver.

How will you live your life?

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