Resilience is no longer enough

The world is moving faster and changing quicker than ever. A 2014 Towers Watson found that 26% of employees plan to leave their employer over the next two years. According to Gallup, in 2015, only 34% of managers are engaged in their work. Meanwhile, the world is becoming more competitive. Corporations are expected to be more productive despite declining resources. In physics, the term "resilience" refers to the ability of a material to be stressed and return to its original shape. In the business world, it is no longer enough to be resilient. The "original shape" is no longer sufficient to meet the need. It is time to think beyond resilience. 

Organizations that perform the best under pressure are the ones that understand how to engage and mobilize their people to see and serve beyond themselves. As people move from being loyal to engaged to empowered and, finally, purpose driven, they have an exponential impact on the organization. For more than 30 years, Dr. Dan has been responding to some of the greatest disasters of our times. He has first hand experience impacting systems where the infrastructure has collapsed. Following Hurricane Katrina he began to study why some people, despite losing everything, become unstoppable. 

“Dan brought extraordinary value to our organization…. He spent the time to understand our business and find just the right approach to make his presentation truly relevant to our needs. …Everyone was engaged, moved and challenged to collaborate in ways we hadn’t before. …We were able to walk away with tools that we can apply throughout the year for tangible results.The value he brought has far exceeded our expectations.”
— Melissa Cole Sr. Manager of Training & Development Egencia - An Expedia Company

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