Equipping Leaders to Thrive Under Pressure

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TEDx: Making a Difference When Times are tough

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan): Heli-Clinics with Medical Teams International

Program Descriptions

Burned Out or Fired Up: Building Teams that Thrive Under Pressure (Keynote)

More than ever, when times get tough, leaders need to rally their teams to engage, take ownership, and deliver results. While there is a host of barriers that we all know exist, the real issue is we are trying to get more done with fewer resources.  Consequently, team members are at high risk to burnout and disengage. Forged in the trenches of international disasters, Dr. Diamond's captivating stories and practical strategies equip leaders to make a difference in high stakes environments when outcomes matter most.

Disaster-Improv: Problem Solving Under Pressure (Workshop)

This workshop equips participants with practical tools that they can use to rally teams with renewed vision and hope. Participants will practice one of the problem solving strategies used by the CIA and as well as strategies used by international disaster teams. These tested techniques help leaders to get work done when resources are scarce and it matters most. This is not a workshop filled with fluff. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to learn.

Discovering Heroes: Leading Teams in a Disengaged & Burned Out World

There has been a subtle shift in our culture that is undermining your organization and you may note even be aware. This introductory presentation is available for organizations that are interested learning more about commitment and why engagement is not enough.