Performance Under Pressure™

Dr. Dan Diamond came back from the trenches of Katrina with a burning question: How is it that some people become unstoppable?What he has discovered drives passion, increases engagement and empowers corporations from the inside out. Today, we are facing times of increasing change and pressure like never before. Get the tools you need to thrive no matter what life throws your way.

  • Learn why and how some folks come out ahead while others fail.
  • Equip yourself with trench tested tools to excel under pressure.
  • Take your team to the next level of engagement and productivity.
  • Keep your head and heart in the game despite rapid change.
  • Apply powerful strategies to rapidly innovate when resources are scarce.

What He Knows

As an award winning educator, physician and disaster professional, Dr. Diamond brings extensive expertise in the area of performance psychology, problem solving and teamwork.

What He Does

Known for his thought leadership, Dr. Diamond delivers lasting impact through speaking, teaching and advising.

Who He Helps

Dr Diamond works with large corporations, non-profit organizations and folks on the front lines that want to make an impact and leave a legacy.



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Discover how people can become UNSTOPPABLE!

Using trench-tested strategies, Dr. Dan Diamond equips people to deliver outstanding results under pressure.
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