From Haiti: My New Girlfriend is Worth Fighting For!


Today was a blur. The one thing that I do remember for sure is that I fell in love. No doubt. How can you not fall in love with a 12 year old 7th grader with huge brown eyes, a cute little sundress and a smile that could stop time itself?   When "The Thing" happened she was so frightened that she ran out into the street and was hit by a car. She was pinned under the car and sustained third degree burns on nearly the entire right side of her face and her right shoulder from the muffler! Her neighbors pulled her out and she ran in to help her mother get out of the house!

When I met her she was a patient at the UN - U of Miami hospital. I fell in love with her instantly. No way was I going I let her stay there.  I told them that we would be happy to take her to our hospital (where we could love on her and give her some personalized care). We loaded her and her mother into our car and took her to King's for some outstanding care (not that I'm biased but I really like our team).

Without a doubt, if she does not get facial plastic surgery and the amazing care only a burn unit can deliver, she will be severely disfigured for life. If she lives that is. I'm going to give this girl my all. I'm going to fight for her life! I've got to try and get her to the US where she has a chance. I'm praying that God will open the door she needs. It will take a miracle. She is Haitian. How many times have I taken my citizenship for granted?