Dan Diamond knows how to engage a large crowd - it doesn’t just “happen” when he steps on stage; he does this through smart planning and insightful interviews to get to know your organization. He puts himself in the mindset of the group, and artfully tailors the presentation to the culture and lingo of the audience. His dynamic talk, “Leadership Under Pressure: Equipping Leaders to Thrive Under Pressure” was a huge hit at our annual meeting, and his call to action was inspiring to every attendee.
Caroline Park
Senior Scientific Director
US Medical Affairs
I have twice had the pleasure of watching Dan speak. Each was in a different size venue with very different audience, but Dan was adept at tailoring his message for maximum engagement and impact. The first time I heard him speak, I thought about his talk for several days. Ultimately, I found his TED talk and shared it with family and friends. I subsequently booked Dan to keynote a conference, and he exceeded our expectations! Thank you, Dan!
Katherine Matos
Senior Counsel

Dan’s energy and passion transferred to the entire room! He shared information that was compelling, hit home, and was actionable. I walked out of this two day experience KNOWING that I will live my life differently, both personally and professionally.
Robyn Dreibelbis
Vice-Chair, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine COMP-Northwest
Western University of Health Sciences
Dr. Dan Diamond went the extra mile to understand our issues and then customize his program to meet the needs of our group. His presentation was captivating, entertaining, and game changing. Dr. Diamond’s six-week Huddle Thoughts program kept the ideas alive as our teams applied his concepts on the frontline where it matters most. We look forward to bringing him back.
Jeff Avansino
Pediatric Surgeon
Seattle Children's Hospital
Thanks for a fantastic, encouraging, dynamic, entertaining, inspiring , memorable presentation!!
Dr. Richard Andrews

When invited to help a hurting community that survived multiple tragedies, Dr. Diamond was personable, professional and inspirational. He shared a compassionate, yet profound message that left the audience with simple tools to not only survive but to “THRIVE” as a community.
Barb Smith
Founder and Executive Director
Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network
It was a true pleasure working with Dr. Diamond! His experience and perspective on how to lead and remain level-headed under extreme pressure and stress is not only compelling, but it is so critical!!! Here are just a few comments from our physicians:

”Very skilled presenter who wove together many intricate pieces of stress/burnout with real life situations”

”Thanks for the specific examples of implementation... they helped immensely with keeping perspective to keep going”

”Both inspiring and entertaining! A great choice to open the conference.”
Janine Owen
Chief Education Officer
Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians

You wowed the group. We are still debriefing from your work with us. I feel so energized – even more than before and excited about our future. I think a follow-up group session with you would be great
Jennifer Gorman, MD
Chief of Subspecialty Medicine
The Polyclinic
I had the great fortune to hear Dan Diamond speak at a recent leadership seminar held at Providence Health Care in Spokane, WA. Dan is an extraordinary communicator, and his presentation inspired me to think differently, to have courage, and to confront problems in health care by challenging the way we might first consider issues. His toolkit of “Triage Thinking” filled with dynamic and provocative insights should be at the fingertips of all health care leaders desiring to make a profound and lasting difference. We are on the precipice of transforming health care in the most positive and revolutionary way, and results from Dan’s insights can be replicated with great success! Thank you for such a phenomenal experience!!
Donna L. Radcliff MSN, RN, CDE
Regional Senior Director of Information Services
Providence Health & Services

I recommend Dr. Diamond’s workshop to any organization that is going through change and needs leaders to understand their role in making change happen. We have had Dan present to our senior level leadership and middle manager leadership. People were inspired by his message. Many commented how he got them to think outside the box and at the same time provided them with tools that they can use in new or difficult situations. I am happy to serve as a reference anytime.
Elaine Couture
Regional Chief Executive
Providence Health Care
Dr. Diamond captivates audiences of any size with his spot-on insights, humor, and contagious enthusiasm. I would highly recommend him as a speaker... His talks are insightful, solution-oriented, and empower the audience to take action.
Meredith Abreu Ressi
Manhattan Research

Absolutely engaging, fascinating and inspiring
Joyce Cameron
Chief Development Officer
Providence Health Care
From the start (when he answered the phone rather than an assistant) to finish (spectacular presentation), Dan was a meeting planner’s dream! Rather than give an “off the shelf” talk, Dan asked many questions in a sincere effort to get to know our group. He even interviewed three conference attendees before the program. The audience enjoyed and learned from his talk. He came as a speaker and left as a friend. Hire him! You won’t be disappointed.
Kimberly Pierce-Boggs
Executive Director
Dr. Diamond hit it out of the park with his presentation at our educational summit. He’s a true storyteller, thought provoking, engaging and inspiring. His knowledge, expertise and passion won over our audience who still talks about his presentation to this day!
Art Wilschek
Executive Director, Global Sales
New England Journal of Medicine

Dan brought extraordinary value to our organization…. He spent the time to understand our business and find just the right approach to make his presentation truly relevant to our needs. …Everyone was engaged, moved and challenged to collaborate in ways we hadn’t before. …We were able to walk away with tools that we can apply throughout the year for tangible results.The value he brought has far exceeded our expectations.
Melissa Cole
Sr. Manager of Training & Development
Egencia - An Expedia Company
Taking time to think divergently will help us be problem solvers. It’s so easy to slip into convergent thinking and being a victim in a large organization - but we have a choice everyday who we want to be and how we want to be in the world - I want to choose to be a powerful giver! A day well spent!
Carmen Green
Providence Health Care

Thought Provoking - Dr. Dan Diamond is an engaging and inspirational speaker.
Anna Anderson
Providence Health Care
Dr. Dan Diamond... I mean, these are the heroes of this story... It’s the people on the ground who are here, who just said, You know what? I see a need. Let’s do it.... These are the people whose stories need to be told and, you know, sung from the rooftops.
Anderson Cooper
Dan is a tremendous business partner that I hope to continue to work with in the future. His energy, passion and commitment to his work is what separates Dan from other Advisers, Consultants and Speakers. My highest recommendation for Dan.
Ann-Marie Tejcek
Eli Lilly and Company

Having my leadership hear these concepts brings us together, creates common ground.
Kim Ward
St. Luke's
I attended the Dan Diamond “Performing Under Pressure” event and WOW! I was so inspired and there were some takeaways that I was able to put into practice right away. It was just a joy to spend time with someone who is so real, and funny, and has such amazing experience to back up his presentation. I loved the thought that the time that you’re under pressure is not the time to work on your weaknesses. I’ve been able to put that into practice in a major way here.... We just got a HUGE contract where that played a major factor.
Jane Taylor
Enterprise and Government Services
TLG Learning

Thank you again for your amazing presentation! I can assure you what you presented and how you presented it will stick with me forever!
Christine Hagberg
Oakwood Worldwide
Interactive, Intuitive and a load of fun while learning.
A hugely beneficial use of time and a great way to boost your brain to prepare for ‘fresh’ thinking.
Cindy Berg

Insightful, Worth Listening: I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Diamond speak recently in front of an audience of healthcare professionals. The audience response was unlike anything I have seen at an education conference. Physicians and caregivers alike were cheering and interjecting with emphatic “Yeah!!’s”. His newly minted podcast is equally engaging and very well done. It tackles some of the mostly timely and important topics within healthcare and is likely to be insightful and inspirational even to those outside of the field.
— - Dan Miller, DO
Dan packed more into 10 minutes than many people can do in a day. Very powerful.
Don R. Crawley