Haiti: No Longer Numb


When I was there originally the entire country appeared to be numb. They had to be; they were in survival mode. Now, according to a fantastic article by the New York Times entitled "Haiti Emerges From Its Shock, and Tears Roll", the emotions are finally starting to surface. I would encourage you to read the article and ponder it. It is good for us to stop and think about these thing and what we value. I know that I certainly look at things differently after returning from Haiti. I'm no longer having such intense dreams but I'm thinking a lot about what's important. Please take some time and read the article. Then, return here and share your thoughts:

  1. After stopping to consider these things, I know realize that what is really important to me is...
  2. What brings me happiness? What brings me joy? Is there a difference?
  3. Now that the Haitians are no longer numb, are you?

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