"Dan has the rare combination of incredible expertise, care for others, and a desire to leave a legacy that improves the world. His book weaves these threads together into a beautiful and engaging picture of what responding to almost unimaginable challenges in health care can teach us about responding to challenges everywhere. Whether you’re working on the front line of disaster relief, managing a team in the health care industry, or looking for tools to perform under pressure (isn’t that all of us?), Dan’s book is compulsory reading. He takes well known models and combines them with his own knowledge and thought leadership to create a well-tested system of thriving under pressure."

--Peter Cook--


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Excellent book! Wonderful insight into the motivational styles of people within an organization and how to motivate a group to accomplish extraordinary things. I particularly found the problem solving information and models well outlined and useful. This information is presented in a way that made so much sense. The different models have been easily and effectively applied to many of the situtations I have faced since reading the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who works with groups going through change or organizations striving to achieve great success.

-- Patricia Martigon --

In “Beyond Resilience” Dr. Diamond, while writing from and for the medical community, has delivered on his great desire to help individuals and organizations from every walk of life learn one powerful premise: It is no longer enough to be resilient. Today’s challenges require individuals and organizations (employers, employees, volunteers, businesses, schools, ministries, government entities, et.al.) to thrive rather than merely survive. Yes, resiliency is good. It’s the “capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” However, it’s no longer enough. We need people and organizations with much loftier expectations. We need forward looking people and organizations who thrive on purpose and mission as they eagerly initiate the creative process of evaluation, negotiation, decision-making, planning, implementation, measurement, and teamwork.

-- Ricki Brooks --

Required reading. Compelling, real disaster medicine stories with corresponding tools to use immediately to be more effective in all relationships and work. "Beyond resilience" by Dr Dan Diamond -- how to thrive despite disruptive change and big obstacles at work in healthcare. Read in one day (finished 0020 this am). Worth it. "There is no failure, only feedback." Would be an excellent complement to any MBA, MHA program.

-- J. Kennedy --


“Beyond Resilience” is both informative and inspirational. Resilience is an essential aspect of life that enables us to face challenges successfully. As I read the book I thought of the Japanese proverb, “Fall seven times; get up eight.” Plus, the quote from that says “It’s hard to beat a man who never quits.” Yet, Dan’s message goes beyond the inspiration of those types of adages or Churchill’s admonition “Never quit, never quit, never ever quit.” He also provides tools that he has used for planning, implementing, and leading for thirty years in the midst of unbelievable and unpredictable disaster relief around the world, challenges of unrelenting changes in healthcare transformation he experiences through his medical practice, as well as other challenges and changes that are parts of life more generally. Dan is uniquely prepared for writing such a book for a number of reasons. One aspect of his life that provided extraordinary experience and insight in the book that is fascinating was the fact that he put himself through medical school doing street mime that gave him amazing confidence, skills and knowledge in improvisation. He shows how improvisation as epitomized in improv theater is very effective when dealing with uncertainties and limited resources, such as in disaster relief, but in other areas of life where those are also present. That is almost synonymous with resilience as they both rely on taking what is presented, trusting others with whom you are working, accepting that with a “yes and…” perspective to continue moving forward creatively. There are fascinating stories from disasters, healthcare, and other areas of life that are woven together to provide exceptional insights, inspiration, and practical tools for all of us who want to survive, thrive and make a positive difference in the lives of other people.

-- David Olson --