Boots on the Ground in Haiti!


Supplies on the runway in Port au Prince prevented us from landing. We landed in the north part of the country and we are driving in. We can only go 1/2 way today because it is not safe to travel at night. Right now I'm in a 4x4 on the side of the road while the driver is out trying to buy some gas. It may be a long trip. I suspect that the capital airport will most likely be closed the rest of the day. The US military is controlling the airspace but they are struggling to mobilize the supplies off the runway. There wasn't room on our plane for my backpack. I was allowed to pull some things out so I have my stuff in some plastic bags that have now been crammed into other duffels.  I forgot to pull out my Leatherman (oops) and I opted not to take my sleeping bag.  They say they will get the rest of our stuff to us but I have my doubts.