Loaded For Bear - Heading Into Haiti


We flew into Ft Lauderdale last night, slept for a couple of hours and we are now back at the airport where we are waiting to board our charter flight. We had to weigh all of our supplies and our bodies and we will maximize our plane's capacity. We will fly in darkness and land in the Bahamas to refuel 1/2 way to Haiti. We are hoping to get into the airport but all is still up in the air (so to speak). The charter company guy says that most people don't know the "land at sunrise to refuel" trick and that will be to our advantage. Later flights are much less likely to get in.

We have several places where we might work. Security is a real concern. We have a local policeman that will guide us and protect us.

Not much sleep in the past few days. But eager to get to work. Please keep us in your prayers.

Dr. Dan