Overcoming the Healthcare Pressure Cooker

The changes in healthcare can be described as drastic, rapid and chaotic. Reimbursement rates are down but expenses are up. Increasing regulation, inefficient EMRs and the demand for data sabotage efforts to increase efficiency. Clinics, hospitals and ancillary services are merging, affiliating or aligning.

To make things worse, physician shortages plague healthcare organizations that are scrambling to care for an increasing number of patients that now have insurance. Healthcare workers are getting "burned out" as they try to adapt to changes without taking their focus off the ultimate goal of providing compassionate care. According to a recent report, in 2015 physician burnout rates increased across all specialties. Consequently, physician retention has become a top priority.  

“You wowed the group. We are still debriefing from your work with us. I feel so energized – even more than before and excited about our future. I think a follow-up group session with you would be great ”
— Jennifer Gorman, MD Chief of Subspecialty Medicine The Polyclinic

Dr. Dan Diamond brings over 30 years of international disaster medicine and physician leadership experience. Healthcare teams find his insights to be extremely valuable as they strive to innovate, strengthen the junctions between teams and improve engagement. Well known for his captivating stories, practical tools and customized presentations, Dr. Diamond is an in demand keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. 

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